Ppt on transportation in plants

Aug 01,  · Transport in plant slides 2. Recap Waxy layer which protects the plant & conserves water mesophyll Contains chloroplasts: Specialized for light absorption Layer contains air spaces: Specialized for gas exchange Exchange water & gases with the atmosphere Vascular Tissue 3. Transportation of Food: Transportation of Food The movement of food from leaves to other parts of the plant is called Translocation. In plants, phloem Translocates the food and other substances. Movement of food can take place in both directions depending upon the need with the help of sieve tubes and companion cells. Plants require water for photosynthesis and they require minerals that must come with water from roots. Thus, water uptake by roots and loss from leaves through stomates is a necessity for active production of carbohydrates. Plants require CO2 for photosynthesis. CO2 can only enter when stomates are open.

Ppt on transportation in plants

How do plants transport materials to where they are needed? Xylem cells transport water and minerals up the stem from the roots to the shoots and leaves. 7 Vascular Bundles Vascular bundles are essentially 'bundles' of the transport tissues They are found throughout the plant They consist of: Xylem (water and. Active transport. Transport in Plants. Cellular Level: Osmosis: passive transport of water across a semipermeable membrane; In plants it depend on solute. great ppt thanks. 3 years ago Reply Transport systems There are two transport systems in a plant. One that Phloem cells transport sucrose and amino acids from where they are made to where they are used or stored. Plant transport ppt. 2. Recall Transport Mechanism Passive vs. Active Plant Transport. What you will learn (Transport Structures) Xylem vessels and phloem ( Vascular Tissue) Know their . How does the plant transport water upwards against gravity?? . Plant transport ppt.

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Transport in Plants -- Part 1 -- By Shiksha House

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