Commander mode bf4 tips&tricks

Nov 10,  · - Zeigy * In BF4, you can't suffer from reload syndrome because every magazine you reload subtracts from your total ammo. If you noticed you run out of ammo so fast in BF4, that's why. * Mouse over enemy and hit Q to spot * Double tap WW to run and you don't have to hold the shift key. Welcome to Reddit, A commander's main job is to issue orders to the squads on the battlefield, deploy UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), EMPs (Electromagnetic Pulse), Supply Crate Drops/Vehicle Drops as well as Infantry and Vehicle scans on the battlefield. UAVs, EMPs, Supply Crates and Vehicle Drops can be placed anywhere on the map. Jun 24,  · Commander Mode. The commander class would only be armed with either a C96, or webley revolver for self defence. If the commander dies however the player that was playing the commander will not be able to play that class for the remainder of the match and can play as any of the standard classes, however 3 minutes after.

Commander mode bf4 tips&tricks

game for hours and you already know some of these tips and tricks. Every map in Battlefield 4 allows for vehicles, long-range sniping, and close-quarters combat (at least in larger-scale modes like Conquest, Obliteration and Rush). Keep in mind, though, that if an enemy commander is using an EMP. Battlefield 4 Guide: How to Play Commander Mode. By. Joe Donato Commander mode can be played in many ways. Depending on whether . comments below! Other BF4 Guides: General Tips & Tricks. Enjoy random. Right off the bat, one of the most anticipated changes in Battlefield 4 is Commander Mode was introduced in Battlefield 2 but has seen a. Commander Mode: Tips and Tricks i ******* love coniferous trees http:// I never play as commander. In this post I will talk about the basics, features and tactics of the commander mode in Battlefield 4. I have always loved the commander mode. Just wondering if anyone had any good links to commander mode tutorials or . RTS games:P the same tactics semi apply to BF4 commander.

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BF4 Commander Mode Multikills for Everyone!

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