Action class in struts framework

Action: This class is extended by the class. The business logic is wrapped by the Action class and this class provides an interface to the Model of the application. Action class can be viewed as a glue between the View and the Model layer of MVC architecture. Introduction to the Struts Web Framework 4. Creating an Action Class. The Action class contains the business logic in the application. When form data is received, it is the execute method of an Action object that processes the data and determines which view to forward the processed data to. Because the Action class is integral to the Struts framework, NetBeans IDE provides you with a wizard. 1. Explain various Action classes used in struts framework Introduction: The struts framework is widely used in web applications and well established in Action Class: This is the base action class in struts. Dispatch Action: The dispatch action class also extends the basic action class.

Action class in struts framework

Sep 26, Struts framework is based on a set of Java technologies like Servlet, The Action classes code is not tightly coupled to the Struts framework or. Because the Action class is integral to the Struts framework, NetBeans IDE provides you with a wizard. In the Projects. Struts 2 Action classes usually extend the ActionSupport class, which is provided by the Struts 2 framework. Jul 6, Introduction: Action Class in Struts framework defines the business logic. An action class handles the client request and prepares the response. In this article we will discuss various action classes used in the Struts Framework and their implementation. Actions are the core of the Struts2 framework, as they are for any MVC (Model View Optionally you can extend the ActionSupport class which implements six .

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Struts 2 Framework Example part 3 Action ActionSupport

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