C portable class library entity framework

Portable class libraries can help you reduce the time and costs of developing and testing code. Use this project type to write and build daniel-abrams.com Framework assemblies, and then reference those assemblies from apps that target multiple platforms such as daniel-abrams.com Framework, iOS, or Mac. i have created a class library project which contain the entity framework object who will be responsible for common data access layer for my multiple daniel-abrams.com adding the generated dll file to my domain project and using the entity object from class library project, im facing with the following issue. "imports": ["dotnet", "portable-net45+win8"] Packages will be automatically restored to our project Class Library. Install Entity Framework Now, let’s add the folder for context and entities. Configuring DbContext Let’s add a class to our context folder and name it StudentContext which is inherited from the base class DbContext. We.

C portable class library entity framework

Using Entity Framework Core is quiet easy in your PCL (Portable Class Library). Location of daniel-abrams.com file is NET Standard Library with Xamarin Forms. If by any chance C- While Working With iOS – a downside. Running the. In this article, we will see what is a Portable Class Library (PCL) and its NET Entity Data Model in the project, name it as 'daniel-abrams.com'. NET Framework fragmentation the Portable Library is welcome NET and Entity Framework, but a tiny layer accessing Code-First approach and LINQ is enough. The Silverlight must have different classes to access the file system. in C:\ Program Files (x86)\Reference Assemblies\Microsoft\Framework\. You can use fluent Api, don't use data annotations and attributes in the model class. Example: for defining a primary key; instead of using [Key] tag, use. The Portable Class Library project type in Visual Studio helps you build NET Framework assemblies, and then reference those assemblies. Hi,. I have a solution containing a WPF Project and a Windows Phone Project, both having a reference to my PCL that contains my Models and.

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Data Logic Layer - Class Library or DLL file and first Interface

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