Aim map pack css

aim_advance is a new map from TJF's Maps which sets a new standard for CS AIM maps. Both teams start within the valley of a picturesque mountainside and must make good use of their pre-assigned weapons to eliminate their opponents on the other side of the river. Aug 25,  · Counter-Strike: Source was the second Counter-Strike release and come out in 1 november , but this time in Source Engine, with everything updated, gameplay, weapons, maps, After years, and years Counter-Strike become old and ugly compared with CS:S, so here appear CSS maps for CS , use css_ tag, a unique tag created by me for these Reviews: 1. Official ESL MapPack. Rate. Favorite. Favorited. Unfavorite. Share. a new version of the cs map "aim_deagle" players know this map;) i hope you enjoy it, if you do please vote up. scrapped Counter Strike Source project originally worked on by Nick Nugent with the name Ka_Keielsto.

Aim map pack css

This is a map pack for CS:S which features both awp and aim maps I created. Download AIM+Fun Maps Counter-Strike: Source Map Pack v now from AusGamers - its free, and no signup is required!. Title: Deagle/AWP Map Pack. Game: PC: Counter-Strike Source. Origin: Australia . Filename: File - Sizes: 14MB (Download). Description, This map pack contains all the maps which were currently played in the Counter-Strike Source AIM and AWP Ladders. Rating. Greenpeace's Aim map pack. A Map for Counter-Strike: Source Http://www. My Gungame map pack, Please enjoy:D Bananite . A Skill Map Pack - Tyr & Radi ||=== Date: September, Version: Author: Daan Rijpkema & Moritz v/d Lugt Web:

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